How to increase gain of slot antenna

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Directivity - Directivity is a fundamental antenna parameter. It is a measure of how 'directional' an antenna's radiation pattern is. An antenna that radiates equally in all directions would have effectively zero directionality, and the directivity of this type of antenna would be 1 (or 0 dB). Printed Wide-Slot Antenna Design with Bandwidth and Gain ... This paper presents a printed wide-slot antenna design and prototyping on available low-cost polymer resin composite material fed by a microstrip line with a rotated square slot for bandwidth enhancement and defected ground structure for gain enhancement. An I-shaped microstrip line is used to ... Gain Enhancement of a Wide Slot Antenna Using a Second ... Gain enhancement of a wide slot antenna over a wide frequency band using a low profile, second order bandpass frequency selective surface (FSS) as a super-strate is presented in this paper. The proposed multilayered FSS with non-resonant unit cells in each layer allows in-phase transmission of waves radiated from the antenna Slot antenna - Wikipedia

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A circularly polarized slot antenna for high gain applications A circularly polarized slot antenna for high gain applications. ... In this paper, the design of a circularly polarized slot antenna is presented and the performance experimentally validated. The radiating element in the antenna is a rectangular slot which is excited using a stepped coplanar waveguide. ... To improve the gain of the antenna ... Design of dual-band and high gain waveguide slot antenna ...


Start with a point source that with radiates/receives power equally in all directions and modify that design so that the gain increases in some directions and decreases in others. You cannot increase gain in all directions. Highly directional antennas provide high gain in one direction with highly attenuating signals in other directions.

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In this paper a printed micro strip line fed wide slot antenna is presented. A slotted parasitic patch is introduced to improve the gain along with the bandwidth. For bandwidth improvement a slotted technique is used in ground of the antenna along with rotation in patch and a simple 50 ? microstrip line fed is used to excite the slot in the ... Antenna Theory - Slot - Tutorials Point